New Generations. Old Skill Sets. Adjusted Expectations.

There was a time where soft skills were considered common sense practices that held no value within the confines of an organization. While soft skills played a vital role in the success of an organization and its employees, they often went unrecognized for…

Enterprise architecture has come a long way in the past decade. With more and more technologies emerging every day, taking advantage of them and creating a better enterprise architecture becomes quite essential. By integrating new technology into the enterprise architectures, we can achieve fruitful results even during difficult times.


Imagine a large-scale IT infrastructure made up of networks, databases, servers, storage, operating systems, and other elements. How do you provision, configure, manage, and scale up these various elements on-demand?

Traditionally, system administrators, often a dedicated team of specialists, manually performed these tasks as and when the need arose. Consequently…

Mir Ali

Field CTO | Technology Visionary | Customer Champion | Big Thinker.

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